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HARVEST PRODUCTIONS is an independent production company. Working with a wide network of talented specialists in the creative field, we help organizations and people explore, discover and sometimes re-descover their story. To tell these stories, we bring talents together, who belong together. We believe if everybody does what he or she does best, then we all have everything it takes.

Always aiming for the best possible outcome, our work is grounded in empathy and fueled by curiosity. We begin by understanding the realities and ambitions of the participants in each connection, and tell the story based of  this understanding. This way we create something new that stimulates meaningful and inspiring converstations, behaviours, relationships and memories. And so often we make the experience that we miraculouisly solve challenges and unlock opportunities for everybody involved.
We believe its because we try to tell the stories from the heart. 

Working with compassion and respect, we want to inspire, give courage and help strengthen the social fabric.



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