We are specialized in documentary films. Life tells the best stories anyways.

Directed by Simon Steuri


Nestled in the heart of Switzerland lives Willi Schmid, the probably best cheesemaker in the world. By the taste of milk he knows what he cow ate. He knows every cow and every plant in his area. And the resilience he lives his life with is moving - and truly inspiring. The way he lives and works can teach us so much about how to live a good life. And make the world a better place.
Our first documentary for cinema is still in the process of being financed. But we work with all our heart and soul to bring his inspiring story to screens all across the globe.

The Doorman Uniform

Your first smile will come from our doorman. His uniform is inspired by traditional fashions from Appenzell, and is designed by Ida Gut, one of Switzerland’s best-known fashion designers. Sebastian Fässler, a renowned Appenzell-based silversmith, also contributed to the uniform’s style by crafting the shiny ornaments. We told the story where the Uniform and its DNA originates in Switzerland.

The perfect bed

Swissôtel is from Switzerland and has been sharing a love of hospitality with the world ever since. They take their pride in making the perfect bed. A bed is at the heart of any room and the delight in its quiet perfection reflects who someone is more than anything. No matter where we go, we’ve found that people value quality in life as much as we do. The mantra, “live it well,” is met with both a smile and a global understanding that happiness is life’s true reward.