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Photography by Valentina Verdesca


When we travel, we may feel far from your comfort zone. Hotel Brand Swissotel asked HARVEST PRODUCTIONS to create a tool to slow down just for a while and rediscover the awareness of those aspects of life that we all appreciate but tend to forget – to be in the moment! Together we crafted & illustrated six beautiful postcards that will inspire the mind and spark joy. They are accompanied by podcasts reflecting on six different themes: Authenticity, Vitality, Calm, Hospitality, Tradition, Clarity.

The hotelguest is invited to pick a favourite theme and take a minute out of his busy schedule to colour a postcard – an exercise proven to slow down the mind - while listening to the matching podcast. The hotel staff then carefully sends it off to a person of the guests choosing.

It's proof that a small idea can go a long way. And so can sparks of joy! 

HARVEST PRODUCTIONS created this  postcard series together with Alpine craftsman Sebastian Fässler from Appenzell. Along with the postcard-series came a series of podcast to listen and inspire. You can listen to the podcasts here
Invited by Swissotel we introduced this idea to the press on a tour across the United States in Summer 2016.