Every month we tell an inspiring life story from someone who dared greatly. Published in SWISS Magazine, the on board magazine of Swiss International Airlines.

Photography by Maurice Haas.

SILVIA CADUFF - I want this to be the melody of my life

At a time when women in Switzerland didn't yet have the time to vote, Sylvia Caduff was already  conducting the New York Philarmonic. Even though her career aspirations where met with incredulity when she was a young girl. But "Classical music spoke to my soul and I just knew: I had to make it my life!" Read her story here.

CHRISTOPH MARTI - Intuition only works if you can see how both sides feel

The stage was actor Christoph Marti's home. Not feeling he belonged anywhere, it's one he had to find himself. "A little despair is all part of life, everyone feels afraid at some point. But fear is a bad councellor" he sais. "In my experience, courage isn't the opposite of fear. Courage is the force to deal with fear. - The opposite is serenity.". Read his story here. 

RUTH KRAMER - Sometimes i just yell a big THANK YOU! out to the mountains

One deep breath of alpine air was all the incentive it took for Ruth Kramer to sell all her belongings and move to the small and silent village of Vals. After many months of uncertainty her B&B Brücke 49 is a house where people from near and far gather around a table. And where every visit feels like coming home. Read her story here

LISKA BERNET - I cant stand by and look on

Helping, not hand-wringing. Liska Bernet adds her efforts to mitigate the European refugee crisis, demonstrating how to create a better world.  "I would expect the same solidarity from other people" she sais. Read her story here.